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The sunday coast the calypso rug

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our new 100% recycled cotton designs

the calypso rug is a perfect way to add a little bit of magic to your picnics and bedding. Named after the goddess of the sea, this design was inspired by the relationship between the moon and our coastlines. Just as the tides rise and fall, and the moon changes shape, our calypso rug morphs seamlessly between indoor and outdoor settings. The front features our signature tiled border in calm creams, pinks and golds, while the flip-side is earthier in green and purple tones.


designed in-house by our team here at the sunday coast, our beautifully woven rugs feature unique vibrant designs. They are soft, calming & cosy for keeping you warm on those cool evenings. The tightly woven material also allows it to be used as the perfect picnic rug, creating a comfortable cover and resistance from sand, grass or dirt.


  • made with 100% recycled cotton, from recycled off-cuts of clothing to reduce waste on our planet
  • approximately *160 x 200cm which comfortably fits across a double bed or seats a picnic of 4 people. 
  • perfect for the adventurers, the beach dazers, the moon gazers, the slow paced, picnic loving, deep-thought conversational cravers. 
  • designed by us at the sunday coast here in australia
  • keep in mind, our designs & colours are uniquely crafted using a detailed process of weaving coloured threads. Colours may also differ in photographs due to photo editing by either us or our online community.
The sunday coast the calypso rug
The sunday coast the calypso rug Sale price$141.60 Regular price$177.00